Why Local Travel Agencies Are Better



Travel is what makes a person better as it allows them to discover their inner-selves and discover new horizons and develop their own self in the process.

Today, travel and tourism across the globe has become much simpler due to the presence of various factors like travel agencies, online booking websites, etc.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all of them but one thing is undeniable – local travel agencies are much better than international websites or computerised systems.

There are a number of reasons why a local travel agency triumphs over the big conglomerates and we are going to list them for you so that you can plan your next vacation with a local travel agency for the best possible experience.

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Now, let’s start with all the reasons local travel agencies triumph over the international websites and conglomerates.

The main essence of choosing a local travel agent is how intimately connected they are to the destination. Let us give you details.


Who do you think knows a place better – the person who lives and works there physically or some person who sits in a closed office in some other country? Of course it’s the local person.

Similarly, a local travel agent knows much more about the destination than foreign websites because they physically work there and communicate with different hotels and restaurants and other places on a much personal level.

  • A local travel agent knows about the traditions and cultures of a place and can help you out with your trip to make sure you get into no trouble while you enjoy your holiday. A website cannot help you if you get into trouble with locals but a local travel agency can.
  • A website may list all points of a destination but only a local travel agency can tell you whether those spots are actually worth visiting or just a waste of your precious vacation time.


  • A local travel agency has stronger relations with the hotels, resorts, shopping centres, restaurants and other businesses of a place because they work with them physically rather than from behind some computer screen.
  • A local agency can much easily book the best table for you at an exclusive restaurant which the foreign websites can’t reach. They can also help you get special offers and discounts at hotels and shops because of their intimate connections.


The only thing that adds a certain charm and upgrades the experience of a good holiday is to travel and enjoy a destination like a local. There are many different traditions and cultures in every country and place and not knowing them could pose problems in your travel experience. It may also put you into trouble with the locals if you unknowingly insult their beliefs.

You may think of taking help of the Internet but it is full of stereotypes and doesn’t provide an accurate picture of a destination.

But, a local travel agency is always well-versed in the local traditions and beliefs and can help you navigate your way around your journey in a much smoother way.

They can also tell you interesting facts about the destination which no website can.


The only way to build the strongest of relations is to communicate with someone or work with them physically. A local travel agent is the best person to get you exceptional offers and discounts that you just can’t get through any website or international agent.

A local travel agency builds up contacts that are stronger and have special deals and offers for their customers.

If a website offers you a 10% discount, then a local travel agent can easily get you 20 or even 30% along with extra amenities.

Even in the best hotels, a local travel agent can get you the best rooms and complimentary facilities that the websites may not even mention.

A local travel agent can get you the best table at the restaurant and can also tell you the best shops for shopping that will be more trustworthy because there is always a chance of some shops scamming tourists.

These are just some of the reasons why local travel agencies can provide a far superior holiday experience than foreign websites. And as it’s said – “to enjoy like a local, travel with a local”. So, next time you choose a vacation, make sure it’s with a local travel agency as it will also help them to feed their stomachs and help their local economy.

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So, just pack your bags and experience the most gorgeous islands in the world now.


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