Best Time to Visit Andaman

Best Time to Visit Andaman

Andaman And Nicobar Islands, Probably The Most Beautiful And Mysteriously Soothing And Relaxing Islands In The World. Are One Of The Top Holiday Destination In The World. Be It For A Family Vacation Or Even A Romantic Honeymoon. The Best Time To Visit Andaman Is At The Onset Of Winter.

The Serene Atmosphere, Dense Mangroves, Shimmering Beaches, Exhilarating Water Sports. And Overall Beauty And Healing Properties Of The Islands Make Them A Dream Holiday Destination For You. Where You Should Definitely Travel At Least Once In Your Lifetime. As Without It, Any Traveller’s List Is Incomplete.

Andaman And Nicobar Islands Have Everything For Everyone. Be It Water Sports Like Scuba Diving Or Snorkeling. Or A Laidback Relaxing Time On A White Sand Beach Feasting The Eyes On A Golden Sunset. Or Just An Escape From The Worldly Vows And Worries. You Are Sure To Find Solace And Sooth Your Soul If You Visit These Islands.

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Well, Now That Your Question About The Travel Agents In Andaman Is Answered. Let’s Address Your Query About The Best Time To Visit The Gorgeous Islands. It Is Wise To Always Know About Your Holiday Destination. And The Best Time To Visit It In Order To Get The Best Experience Possible And The Most Fun Vacation Of Your Life. So, Here Is All You Need To Know About The Andaman And Nicobar Islands And The Best Time To Visit Them.

Andaman And Nicobar Islands Are A Group Of 572 Islands Out Of Which Only 37 Are Inhabited. This Group Of Islands Lies At The Juncture Of Bay Of Bengal And The Andaman Sea. It Is An Official Union Territory Of The Subcontinent Of India. The City Of Port Blair Is The Capital City Of The Islands.

Andaman And Nicobar Are Essentially A Coastal Paradise And Inherently Tropical Islands Due To Their Geographical Location. So, There Are Mainly Two Seasons It Experiences Throughout The Year – Summer And Monsoon. With Some Of The Months Being Colder Than Others And Considered As Winter Season On The Islands.

First, Let’s Know Which Time Of The Year Is Not Suitable For Your Holiday To Andaman And Then We Can Answer Which Times Are The Best And Why.

The Worst Season To Visit Andaman Is The Monsoon Season Which Is Generally The Months Of July To September. It Is Because Of The Tropical Nature Of The Islands. The Experience A Heavy And Incessant Rainfall During These Months And The Islands During This Season Are Very Uneventful And Dull. All The Water Sports Activities Like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Jet Skiing, Etc. Are Shut Down And Thus There Is Not Much Left On The Islands To Do. Even If You Are Not A Fan Of Water Sports You Must Still Avoid Monsoon Season As It Is Very Difficult To Travel On The Islands During These Times As It Receives A Downpour Of About 300 Mm Annually. And The Atmosphere Is Very Moist And Humid And Can Make You Feel Uneasy And Uncomfortable And Quite Sweaty.

So, It Is Best To Avoid Planning A Tour Of These Glorious Islands During The Months Of July To September.

Now, Let’s Know What The Absolute Best Time Is To Visit These Wonderful Islands.

The Tourist Season On These Islands Start At The Onset Of The Winter Season In The Month Of October And Continues All The Way Till May. So This Is The Best Time To Visit Andaman.

The Water During The Center Of The Winter Months May Not Be As Warm And Comforting. But That Shouldn’t Stop You From Visiting It If You Want The Sweet Adrenaline Rush From The Scuba Diving In The Chilly Waters.

But If You Want The Best Water Temperature For Your Rejuvenating Dive Or Snorkeling Expedition Then The Months Of October And November And Then The Months Of March Till May Are For You.

Let’s Break It Down In Detail For You:


Winter Usually Lasts Here From October To March And Temperatures Range From 20 To 30 Degree During The Day, Which Traditionally Shouldn’t Be Called Winter But Being A Tropical Islands That’s The Winter For It.

This Is One Of The Best Times Possible To Visit These Islands Because Of The Most Comfortable Temperature And The Dry Weather.

This Is Also The Best Time To Visit Andaman If You Are Planning A Romantic Andaman Honeymoon Trip With Your Loved One. Because The Island Is Not Much Crowded And Also The Andaman Trip Costs During This Time Are Lower Than Usual.

This Time The Weather Is Comfortable And Cool And Is Perfect To Indulge In Activities Like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Surfing, Or Trekking.


If There Is One Absolutely Perfect Time To Experience The Serenity Of These Islands It Is The Summer Season Which Is April To June. The Temperature Ranges From 25 To 34 Degrees During Day At Falls To 22 To 25 Degrees During The Night.

This Time Around The Entire Island Is Lush Greenery, With Fresh And Calming Waves Of Warm Sea Breeze. And The Entire Island, Just Rejuvenates Itself With New Life.

It Is The Best Time To Indulge Your-Self In Water Sports Like Jet Skiing, Scuba Diving, Surfing. Or Even Paragliding And Trekking Through The Dense Mangroves And Forests.

This Is The Best Time To Witness The Absolute Best And The Most Memorable And Golden Sunset Of Your Life At The World Famous Radhanagar Beach.

During These Months The Island Is At Its Peak Glory. And You Can Treat Yourself Not Just With Water Sports But Also With A Laidback Hammock Rest Under The Palms By The Bay. Or Spend The Day Sunbathing And Relaxing At The Shimmering White Sand Shores. While The Warm And Calming Waves Of Sea Splash At Your Feet Tingling Your Senses And Reviving The Child In You.

This Is Also The Perfect Weather To Go On An Andaman Sightseeing Tour And Also To Visit Other Attractions Like Long Island, Clique Islands, Havelock Island, Little Andaman, Diglipur, And Smith And Ross Islands.

There Are Special Times During The Months Of October To May When The Island Hosts Several Festivals Like The International Tourism Festival Or The Andaman Island Festival. And We Suggest You Keep An Eye On The Dates Of These As Well. As These Will Enhance Your Travel Experience If You Visit The Islands During These Festivals.

So, In Short, We Recommend You To Visit The Islands During The Months Of October To May For The Absolute Best Holiday Experience And Unforgettable Memories.

And Who Will Help You Make Those Memories Even Better? We Will. Travel Andaman Offers You The Best Andaman Tour Packages. Be It An Andaman Family Tour Package, Andaman Honeymoon Tour Package Or Port Blair Sightseeing Package. And We Do It At The Best Prices So You Could Save A Ton On Your Andaman Trip Cost.


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