Best Places to visit in Andaman

Best Places to visit in Andaman

There Are Many Tourist Destinations In The World, But None As Beautiful As The Serene And Mysterious Islands Of Andaman And Nicobar. These Islands Serve As A Perfect Destination Whether You Want To Go On An Adventurous Trip Or A Leisure Trip For Relaxation.

You Must Be Wondering What All Attractions Do These Islands Have In Store For You To Explore. Well, There Are Tons. And We Are Going To Tell You About Them Today.

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So, Now That You Know Who The Best Travel Agent Is, Let’s Get You Started With The Best Places To Visit In Andaman.


Swaraj Dweep, Formerly Known As Havelock Island, Is One Of The Largest Islands In The Group Of Andaman And Nicobar And Is Located Just 41 Km North-East From The Capital City Of Port Blair Which Also Makes It A Wonderful And Well Placed If You Were Looking For Tourist Spots Near Port Blair.

Swaraj Dweep Is Spread Across An Area Of 92.2 Sq.Km And Was Renamed From Havelock Island In 2018 As A Tribute To A Great Indian Leader Subash Chandra Bose, Who Hoisted The Flag In Port Blair In 1943 Proclaiming The Islands As Indian Territories Liberated From The British Rule.

Swaraj Dweep Is A Beautiful And Relaxing Destination And Must Be An Inseparable Part Of Your Andaman Tour Package.

The Island Has Vast Expanses Of The Most Gorgeous And Soothing Beaches Of White Sand And Sparkling Blue Waters That Just Reach Inside Your Heart And Becomes An Unforgettable Memory In Your Mind.

This Island Is A Haven For You If You Are Fan Of The Most Exquisite Beach Resorts Or Even If You Are Just A Water Sports Enthusiast. There Is Something For Everyone On This Beautiful Piece Of Land.

This Island Is Also The Most Famous One Among Tourists Visiting The Andaman, Mainly Because Of Its Secluded Beaches, Dense And Serene Mangroves And Fun Activities Like Scuba Diving Or Long Jungle Treks.

Some Of The Best Beaches On This Island Include The Elephanta Beach, Vijaynagar Beach, Kalapathar Beach, And Of Course Radhanagar Beach, Which Was Awarded The Best Beach In Asia Award In 2004.

Some Of The Best Water Sports Of Your Life Can Be Enjoyed On This Island.

Because Of Its Astonishingly Clean And Clear Waters And A Myriad Of Amazing Marine Life The First Activity To Do Here Is The Scuba Diving And It Will Probably Be The Best Ever Scuba Diving Experience You Will Ever Have Because Of The Great Infrastructure Made Here By The Andaman Authorities.

Another Great Activity To Try Here Is Kayaking, Where You Get Lost In The Beauty Of The Mangroves Riding On A Small Kayak Of Your Dreams.

You Must Also Try Snorkeling Here To Witness The Most Beautiful Corals And Marine Plants You Will Ever Feast Your Eyes On.

This Island Is For You If You Are A Fan Of The Active Travel And Adrenaline Releasing Activities And Sports.


This Small Island Of Only 13.7 Sq.Km Area Lies Just 36 Km North-East Of The Capital City Of Port Blair And Is A Haven For You If You Are Laidback Relaxation Loving Person Who Just Wishes To Forget About All The Worldly Worried And Get An Escape To A Calming And Lucid Land Of Utmost Inner Peace And Satisfaction.

The Island Has A Magnificent Biodiversity, Gorgeous Corals And Vast Expanse Of Soul Calming White Sand Beaches With Sparkling Waters And Also Offers The Tropical Woodlands If You Find Your Solace In The Greens Of Nature.

Because Of Its Small Size You Can Also Enjoy Cycling Through This Amazing Piece Of Land With Minimal Effort. This Island Has A Few Beaches And Few But Gorgeous Beach Resorts And Is Best Suited For Those Who Like To Explore The Island’s Beautiful Small Villages.

One Of The Most Fun Things To Do On Shaheed Dweep Is To Take Up The Three-Point Tour. This Is A Trip To Three Of The Best Beaches On Andaman – Bharathpur Beach, Sitapur Beach And Laxmanpur Beach, Named After The Hindu Mythological Characters From Ramayana. You Can View The Beautiful Rock Formations In Bharathpur Beach, Travel To Sitapur Beach And End The Day With The Most Gorgeous And Heartwarming Sunset At Laxmanpur Beach.

You Can Also Try Some Fun Activities Like Forest Trekking, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling Or Glass Bottom Boat Rides Here.

This Island Is Just Perfect For You And Must Be An Essential Destination In Your Itinerary To Andaman And Nicobar Tour If You Love Spending Time Relaxing On A Secluded Beach, Sunbathing, Reading Or Just Basking Your Eyes In The Golden Rays Of The Setting Sun.


This Is One Of The Best Beaches In The Entire World And It Is Official Too Because It Was Awarded The Best Beach In Asia Award In The Year 2004.

This Magnificent Beach Has Gorgeous Shimmering White Sand With Its Calming Turquoise Waves Splashing At The Shore In A Perfect Musical Symphony That Is Sure To Calm Your Soul And Sooth All Your Worldly Worries And Tensions.

This Beach Is An Essential Part Of The Andaman Local Sightseeing And Without It Your Andaman Trip Is Incomplete.


This Is Another Gem That The Islands Of Andaman Have To Offer To Those Fortunate Travellers Who Come To Explore Its Beauty.

This Beach Is So Special Because It Gives You A Golden Opportunity To Watch Actual Elephants Swim In The Sea And Play And Train On The Beach. Yes, You Will Be Able To Spend Your Time At The Beach With Actual Majestic Elephants And That Is Sure To Excite Anyone.

This Beach Has White Sand And Serene Warm Sea Breeze And Is Great To Go For Sunset Walks With Your Loved Ones And Feast Your Eyes On The Setting Sun.


Yes, This Is An Actual Jail From The British Colonial Times On The Andaman Island And Yes You Can Witness This Historical Place Now. Many Notable Freedom Fighters Were Exiled In This Prison Including Veer Savarkar Who Has The Honor Of Having The Andaman Airport Named After Him.

Today, The Jail Is A National Memorial Monument And Hosts One Of The Most Spectacular Light And Sound Shows In The World. So, If You Are A Fan Of Laser Shows And Love To Be Lost In The Beauty Of Arts Then This Spot Is The One You Cannot Afford To Miss In Your Andaman Tour.


This Island That Lays Only A Couple Of Kilometers Away From The Capital City Of Port Blair Used To Be British Administrative Headquarters Till 1941. This Island Still Houses Some Of The Most Beautiful British Architecture And If You Love History Then It Is A Place For You.


Years Before The Cellular Prison Was Built, This Island Served As The British Prison To Keep The Freedom Fighters In Exile. The Remains Of The Jail Built In 1867 By The British Are Still Visible Here. So, If You Love Your History And Prisons, Don’t Forget To Visit This Island.


This Island Serves As The Gateway To The North And Middle Andaman Districts. This Is Perhaps The Most Unexplored Island In The Group And Therefore Has A Special Spot Due To Its Virgin Natural Beauty And Wonders.

You Can Enjoy The Spectacular Mud Volcanoes On This Island, Or Go On An Exploration Of The Dense Mangroves And The Limestone Caves Or Relax At The Nice Deserted Beach Of Baludera. You Can Access Other Off-Beat Places From This Island Like The Merk Bay Beach, North Passage Island, And The Lalaji Bay Beach.


This Spot Is Specifically For All You Adventure Enthusiasts Out There. Also Known As The Andaman Water Sports Complex, This Place Offers Some Of The Most Enthralling Water Sports Activities Like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Sea Walking, Parasailing, Speed Boats, And Many Many More.

So, If You Are Into All These Water Sports And Love A Good Adrenaline Rush Through Your Veins Then This Is A Spot You Just Can Not Miss.


This Gem Of An Island Is One Of The Most Awe-Striking Treats To Behold And Will Make Your Eyes Dance With Delight With Its Beauty.

This Island Has A Blooming Coral Life Which You Can Experience Through Snorkeling And Indulge In The Marvel Of Nature.

This Island Is Located Just 30 Km From The Capital City And Is A Must Visit If You Like The Lovely Mangrove Swamps And Beautiful Turquoise Water Beaches.


No Trip Is Complete Without Shopping. The Most Famous Shopping Complex In The Andaman Islands Is The Aberdeen Bazaar Which Offers Beautiful Souvenirs, Pearl Jewellery, Stones, Eatables, Fruits, Artifacts And Almost Every Shopping Essential In Your List.


This Island Is For All The Camping Enthusiasts. This Island Is Completely Deserted With Minimal Infrastructure And Is A Great Camping Destination If You Like The Adventure. Bring Your Own Gear And Food And Enjoy The Most Beautiful Camping Trip Of Your Life.


This Museum Houses All Things Related To Wild Animals And Forests And If Knowledge Is Your Best Friend You Must Surely Visit This Museum.

There Is Also A Zoological Garden And A Mini Zoo Inside The Museum To Keep You Engaged.


This Beautiful Island Is Adjacent To The Jolly Buoy Island And Is A Part Of The Marine National Park Of Andaman. This Island Is A Promised Relaxed Journey On A Beach That Is Paradise Alike.

This Island Is A Hub For Varied Marine Life And Corals And Is An Eye Candy.


This Is Perhaps The Most Majestic Sight To Behold In The North Andaman And The Two Islands Are Connected By A Thin 50 M Long Strip Of Sand. This Strip Divides Shallow Swimming Water On One Side And Fantastic Snorkeling On The Other.

These Islands Are Pretty Deserted So If You Like To Relax On An Empty Beach And Enjoy The Company Of Yourself Or Your Loved One You Must Certainly Visit These Islands.

So, These Are Some Of The Best Places To Visit In The Islands Of Andaman And Nicobar And These Are Just A Few With Many More Fantabulous Places Waiting To Welcome You In The Islands.

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