Neil Island Andaman: Attractions, Places to Visit & Things to do

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Neil Island is the tiniest islands but center of attraction in Andaman and Nicobar. A famed destination for tourists, Neil Island, is located roughly 30 km out of the Andaman Islands. It can be famous for its white sandy beaches and tranquil calm waters. The island can be full of vast and beautiful green spaces along with some impressive stone formations.
With so many incredible destinations for sightseeing, Neil Island has gotten very popular with the set of islands. The historical tradition the island loves down is into the quite a few places to see at Neil Island for leisure and enjoyable.

Neil Island Andaman: Attractions, Places to Visit & Things to do


  • There Aren’t Any Petrol Pumps at Neil Island.
  • The island only has a population of 3,040 (According to 2011 data).
  • Only a single bus is there for public transport.
  • Neil Island to Port Blair distance is 42.4 KM.
  • Havelock to Neil Island distance is 17.4 KM.
  • Neil Island can also be called the vegetable jar of Andaman.
  • Online connectivity is relatively low, nearly nonexistent at the island.
  • Now you can receive a system for BSNL in case you’re likely to create any forecasts.
  • Many people either rent bicycles or reserve cabs before seeing them.

Places to visit in Neil Island

Have a look at fantastic places to visit in Neil Island-

Bharatpur Beach Neil Island:

Bharatpur Beach is Renowned for Water-sports and sightseeing. Entrance Fees: Free Timings: Open till 6:30 PM

Bharatpur Beach is situated very close to the Neil Island Jetty and is an excellent place to go to in your trip. The cyan-coloured sea makes this beach so fantastic.

The Coastline is genuinely spacious and filled with personal and business ships since it’s located directly beside your Jetty. Even though the beach isn’t you can play the whole afternoon, its a fantastic spot to unwind with a few beverages and snacks.

The fascinating thing about this beach is this; it’s the only real beach in Neil Island where water-sports can be found.

Bharatpur Beach is full of activities like Jet-skiing, Glass Bottom Boat Rides, and Snorkeling. Moreover, it means you may have fun and with your loved ones.

Additionally, there are a Whole Lot of stores nearby for Simple accessibility To what you require. The exact distance between Bharatpur Beach and Laxmanpur Beach is 2.2 KM. If you book a taxi, it will take 5 minutes, or you can take a walk for 25 minutes.

The taxi will take you for the nearby parking lot, from where you’ll need to walk for approximately 200 Meters to accomplish the beach.

Sitapur Beach

Located at Neil Island’s suggestion, Sitapur Beach is vulnerable to the ocean and frequently influenced by high tides. It’s the best spot to see a gorgeous sunrise. The water on the beach is crystal clear, so it is perfect for swimming. Soft and fine sands, magnificent palm trees and limestone formations make it so attractive.

Laxmanpur Beach

Located about two kilometres apart from Neil Jettythis is among the gorgeous beaches in Neil Island. It is prevalent for its shallow waters and white shell sand. This beach is ideal for snorkelling and corals.

Places to visit in Neil Island

Ramnagar Beach

Ramnagar beach is at the southwest of Neil Island. Becoming next to Sitapur beach, the two beaches form a very long stretch of shore. It is the perfect place for swimming.

Neil Kendra

Indeed it is one of the top places to see at Neil Island. Neil Kendra maybe your most outstanding village market on the island where you can purchase food, local goods, goods, and artefacts. Nevertheless, the most useful portion of seeing the current forex market could be your view it provides of this beach. From here, the sands extend from a gorgeous long run, which makes it a popular tourist destination in Neil Island.

Howrah Bridge

One of the items to perform in Neil Island, the one which you can’t overlook is a call to the Howrah Bridge. It is a rock formation across Laxmanpur Beach formed through the past few years by the sea-water dissolving the sea’s stones on the beach. Due to the awareness of uniqueness, it’s but one of the very well-known tourist places at Neil Island for people that would like to click fantastic pics!

Things to do in Neil Island

Things to do in Neil Island

Since Neil is About beaches, most of what to do to the island has also been associated with water. There are many things you can do in Neil Island; few of them are below-

Scuba Diving

Tropical Crystal-clear waters around Neil Island make it a favourite destination for scuba diving in Andaman. Discover scuba diving or turned into a PADI/SSI certified Open Water Diver are certainly various options for individuals attempting to learn more about the sea beds.

Discover the Best Prices for Scuba in Neil Island here. (Please add any link of package or something)


Magnificent waters, Enchanting corals, along with also an array of bass create Neil Island a fantastic spot for snorkelling. You can spend on the place and decide to try out this at the Bharatpur beach. Primarily advocated limited to first-timers, notable people in your budget.

Other Water-sports

Bharatpur beach is the perfect place to attempt water sports, such as jetski, and glass-bottom boat rides. The best part of it that all activities are readily available between 9 AM and 4 PM. All you need is to go and book on the spot. You need not book anything in advance.

Sports-fishing and Jungle Treks

No coordinated treks or Fishing excursions happen in Neil; all these tend to be done and available by most locals. Please consult your hotel relating to any of it when curious, and so they may find a way to give you a hand.


Through the Years, Biking around the islands is becoming both a method of getting around and diversion. Neil Island is a mixture of plants and beaches, profitable crops. Furthermore Large beachside palm trees and exploring the island on the bike will be much fun.