Havelock Island: How to Reach, Top Places to See & Best for Scuba Diving

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Paradise lies not Overly Not even close to the hustle and bustle of India’s enormous populated cities. The Andaman Islands are located throughout the Bay of Bengal, at the Andaman Sea. The islands participate in India and therefore are yet to own their own global airport. Meaning that they could be hard to get, but leading in calm beaches almost unaffected by the tourist road.

Havelock Island: How to Reach, Top Places to See & Best for Scuba Diving

Why Visit Havelock Beach?

Havelock Island provides Certainly one of Asia’s greatest beaches, most famous because of its own swimming dinosaurs and subtropical reef. Picture the white sandy shores of Ko Phangan before Back Packers, full moon parties, and online cafés. You also have Havelock Island. Havelock Island is the next destination for a tick off your checklist for individuals trying to find a calm escape cut away from cellphones, internet, and industrial shore attractions. Be aware there is not any nightlife on the staircase.

How to reach Havelock Island: Ferry from Port Blair to Havelock

Port Blair to Havelock distance is 70 kilometers, and also the jetty normally takes approximately 2.5 hours of travel. The jetty can be found every single day at 6:20 AM and two PM. For the many populous adventures, stand to the deck and then appear around to the boundless expanse of azure.

Please have a look at our Andaman Travel Packages that cover most places of interest and activities to make your travel amazing. Transfers between Havelock and other islands will be potential in 3 different ways:

How to reach Havelock Island: Ferry from Port Blair to Havelock

Port Blair to Havelock Private Ferries

It will take 1.5 hours from Port Blair to Havelock and Neil Island is 1 hour away by private ferries.

Port Blair to Havelock Government Ferries

The Government conduct ferry which can benefit you from Port Blair into Havelock. Everyone call it Phoenix Bay Jetty. It could be the most affordable option you must visit between your regions in Andaman, and the earliest one. As the chair charges are so affordable, it is only INR 378 for each person. It is also possible to select a comfy ride by booking a seat category seat in INR 525 a person

Only 4 days of booking will be potential. (if you’re a foreign tourist, then remember that the photocopies of your passport, visa. And also invite before moving up to obtain the ticket)

Port Blair to Havelock Helicopter

Helicopters ply to Havelock nearly daily unless awful weather And strong winds make it difficult to fly. The tickets tend to be tricky to get since they’re sold 1 day ahead of time. And chiefly meant for sailors and/or emergency intentions.

The top places to See at Havelock Island:

One of many attractions, a number of the top areas you have to See through your trip would be:

Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar is famed for White Sand Beach, Clear Waters, and Serene Nature.
Memorable activities for you in Radhanagar Beach is Curl up At the shack. Move for a Swim and View the Sun Set.
Time Magazine mention that “Radhanagar beach is among the most famous beaches in the Andaman Islands. And possibly the best beach in Asia”. Needless to say, the shore ticks every indication required to really make an ideal shore. As well as also your visit to Andaman isn’t complete before you see there.
It is Situated Nearly 11 Km from the Havelock Jetty, and the beach is only a thirty minutes drive off.
The wonder starts following the entrance. Right after inputting and a few steps ahead, you’re greeted with a few of the gorgeous sceneries. The skies blue sea with magnificent waters and perfect thickness together with just the ideal potency of waves leaves it a very pristine spot to choose a dip. And moreover, revel in extended hours of plain water drama.

The top places to See at Havelock Island:

Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach is Famed for Adventure Sports, crystal clear waters, and, yes, organic beauty.
The most Useful Matters to perform this would be Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Glass Bottom Boat Rides, and Jet Skiing.
Even though there are no elephants, Elephant Beach is just one of the significant appeal for people on recreational and experience day at the Andaman Islands. The shore is mountainous from the northern portion of this Havelock Island. It is accessible through a vessel due to a suitable road and separation with a dense tropical jungle.
The primary Allure of this shore and the very prominent reason it’s really famous on the list of tourists is the wealth of water. The shore has numerous watersports centers that provide training and activities for tourists who would want to try out something fresh throughout their excursion.

Kalapathar Beach

Kalapathar Beach is Fabled for both Relaxing, Sun Set, and View Throughout the Journey. You can Love the Beach, Move for a Walk, Relax following a Tiring Day, and Enjoy Snacks.
The trip to the shore itself is mesmerizing. It’s surrounded by tall forest trees with compact foliage beds on both sides and an open ocean on the opposite. The moment you proceed forward from that, you’re greeted by an open ocean using sand shore and a serene, relaxing environment that causes you to wish to sit and grab with your own thoughts.

Vijaynagar Beach

Vijaynagar Beach is Famed for Serenity, Calmness, Nature, and Scenery. It’s Possible to Go for a Stroll and Research the Shoreline.
Also known as the Lone Mangrove Beach, the Vijaynagar Beach is just another fascinating area for calmness fans in Havelock Island. The shore has a feeling of isolation along with relaxing soft ocean waves And a pristine atmosphere. The nice white sand shore, complimented with lovely Sea cubes, will provide you with an atmosphere of fantastic calmness and awareness of self-love Affection that tends to make every moment notable.