Andaman the best destination for water sports

Andaman the Best Destination for water sports


Travel Is All About Finding Oneself While Having Fun And There Is No Better Way To Have Fun Than Adventure. And The Best Destination For Some Adventure Is Andaman And Nicobar Islands. Andaman And Nicobar Islands Are Probably The Most Gorgeous And Mysterious Islands In The World Which Calm Your Soul And Sooth Your Mind When You Visit Them. These Islands Not Only Provide Relaxation To The Body And The Mind But Also Exhilarating Fun Through The Adventurous Water Sports.

Yes, If There Is One Destination In The World Which Provides The Best Water Sports Then It Has To Be The Andaman And Nicobar Islands.

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Now Let Us Tell You Why Andaman Is The Best Destination For Water Sports.

First Of All, The Range Of Water Sports On These Islands Is So Vast That Any Water Sports Activity That You Can Think Of In Your Mind, You Can Do That On These Islands. Yes, Almost Every Popular Water Sports Activity Can Be Experienced In These Islands. Some Of Them Include :

  1. Scuba diving
  2. Snorkeling
  3. Parasailing
  4. Jet skiing
  5. Sea karting
  6. Kayaking
  7. Sea walking
  8. Game fishing
  9. Semi submarine
  10. Banana boat ride
  11. Sail boats

The List Is Much Longer Than This But We Think You Get The Idea From These. There Are Just A Ton Of Water Sports On These Islands.

What Makes These Islands So Great For Water Sports Is The Careful Planning And Development By The Government And The Authorities Who Strived From The Beginning To Make These Islands A Coastal Paradise With The Finest Of Facilities And Fun For Tourists And Travellers. Because Of The Infrastructure Developed By Authorities, These Islands Have The Best Water Sports Activities.

Another Factor That Aids The Island To Be So Suitable For Water Sports Is The Clarity Of Water And The Gorgeous And Diverse Marine Life.

Yes, The Waters Surrounding These Islands Are Beaming With Beautiful Sea Life Including The Prettiest Of Fishes And Sea Plants.

The Colorful And Awe-Striking Corals In These Waters Are Just A Feast For The Eyes And Once You See Them You Will Be Lost In A World Of Pure Pleasure For A Few Minutes.

Another Big Part Why These Islands Are So Great For Water Sports Is The Safety That You Get When You Go For These Sports. The Authorities Have Worked A Lot To Make Sure All The Activities Are Carried Out Under Expert Supervision And Under The Most Suitable Conditions. Most Water Sports Activities Are Shut Down On The Islands During The Monsoon Season, So We Advise You To Not Plan Your Trip During Monsoon If You Like Water Sports.

Another Reason Is That These Islands Offer One Water Sports Activity That You Can Not Find Anywhere Else On The Indian Subcontinent.

Yes, These Islands Offer Sea Walking Which Is A Great Alternative To Scuba Diving If You Do Not Know Swimming. It Is A Great Activity If You Want To Walk On The Seafloor And Feast Your Eyes On The Gorgeous Marine Life.

The Best Part Is That Even If You Don’t Like To Swim But Still Want To Enjoy Some Water Sports Activities Then Andaman Is The Perfect Destination For You. Yes, There Are Water Activities Available For You Even If You Don’t Like To Swim. Some Of Them Are :

  1. Angling
  2. Speed boating
  3. Banana boat rides
  4. Glass bottom boat rides
  5. Seaplane rides

These Are Some Of The Many Activities You Can Enjoy Without Getting Yourself Wet And While Still Witnessing The Treat That The Waters Of Andaman Have To Offer. Even If You Don’t Like Scuba Diving Or Snorkeling But Still Want To See The Gorgeous Marine Life And Corals Then Give A Shot To The Glass Bottom Boat Ride. These Islands Certainly Have Something For Everyone.

Let Us Also Tell You Some Of The Best Spots For Two Of The Most Famous Water Sports On These Islands.

  1. North Bay island and Jolly buoy islands are great for snorkeling and sea walking because of the diverse and beautiful coral life here.
  2. Port Blair and Havelock islands are perfect for scuba diving because of their deep waters that are beaming with the diverse sea fauna and flora.

We Can Go On About The Water Sports On These Islands And Why These Islands Are Just The Perfect Destination For You If You Are A Water Baby, But We Think You Get The Idea Already.

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