Best Place for Sea Walk in Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Price, Age limit for under sea walk

Sea Walk in Andaman and Nicobar Islands: The most underwater experience is growing into an important tourism center. Using magnificent shores and pristine islands using both exotic titles. So, performing is the ideal area for adventure sports, snorkeling, and sea-walking.

Everyone is not so use to with this Heart-thumping experiences, like this milder variant. Suppose you’re doubtful about tackling holiday or diving into the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Nonetheless, need to take action more exciting than just taking a trip at a glass-bottom ship. Afterward, your undersea walk is only the item for you personally. The best thing about the undersea walk would be bringing together with your non-swimmer close friends and deciding to try the sea walk.

From the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, the undersea walk or cable walk occurs at North Bay Beach near Port Blair, also in Elephant Beach at Havelock Island. Within this adventuresome exercise, you’ll walk to the ocean bed, seven inches from the outside, throughout high wave in addition to in calm water.

Best Place for Sea Walk in Andaman and Nicobar Islands: Price, Age limit for under sea walk

Best place for sea walk in Andaman

Andaman provides A vast array of water, but sea walk is one thing that may only be achieved under only a flawless installation. So there are only two places where you would certainly have the capacity to sea-walk at Andaman.

Sea Walk in Havelock Island:

Havelock, Elephant Beach, to become particular, is A sanctuary for water sport at every Andaman and probably gets one of the most diverse assortments of activities in the same area in India. It’s no real surprise the sea walk from the isles begun from here. Also, it’s still the ideal location to for Sea Walk.

The seas surrounding the shore are famous for Wide strips of underwater volcanic formation, which houses among the very wealthiest coral populace, accessible to tourists from the Indian ocean.

These compact coral woods home a number of those very Vibrant and rare fishes which Andaman needs to offer you.

As Soon as you are within the water that the burden of your Human body melts off and hoards of plants and sea monsters surround you that provide gorgeous scenery around you. To make it more fun, the vendors will offer you lure to feed the fish, which means that you may feel them without needing to walk.

Overall, an excellent experience. You’ll never forget.

Please remember this before go there: Sea Walk Time in Elephant Beach – Boat journey begins at 8:30 AM and can be until 2:00 PM

Sea Walk in North Bay:

North Bay is your 2nd most significant spot to encounter a sea walk in Andaman. Tourists love it for several of the underwater beauty it must offer you.

The Corals below are broken up into small yet compact parts that are home to heaps of magnanimous fish species along with lobsters. These are waiting to have gazed in amazement and wonder.

The island needs to be attained only with a ship. There aren’t any Hotels or alternative destination for a keep on the island. It means you will need to come back to Port Blair at precisely the same moment.

So we can say it is a fantastic spot to go to for a sea walk. In addition, if you would prefer a more exceptional adventure and remember spending time.

Please remember this before go there: Sea Walk Time in North Bay Island – 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 11:30 AM, and 1:00 PM

How it Works:

  • The very first thing is a 5 to 10 minutes training tutorial for you. You will see some advice about walking correctly in the sport and hand hints for communicating through your Sea Walk.
  • In addition of above, you need to wear a helmet style breather with a translucent front onto your face. It is an attachment with the remaining part of the device for ordinary underwater breath.
  • Following the installation, you have to show your acceptance towards the Walking-Spot. And gradually emptied in the water using broad selection boundaries for the most significant safety.
  • A group of Sea Walk manuals is present with you every step to ensure your adventure is safe, comfortable, and even completely out from this whole world.
What Exactly Is The very best time for this action?

What's the sea walk price in Andaman?

The typical cost to do a sea walk is approximately 4500/- a person. In contrast, Elephant Beach could be your ideal location to get it done. The more costs are sometimes considered a tiny bit high as a result of the requirement.

What Exactly Is The very best time for this action?

The ideal time to get a profound sea walk is between May and June month. While the current weather is cheerful, the corals are prospering, and the presence of water would be you’re most fabulous in between those months.

The ideal time is between 9 AM to 4:30 PM. Therefore be confident that to have your daytime intended so.

Things to expect?

Opting for that underwater Sea Walk is like opting to get an underwater trip within the world, walking between corals, visiting several basses. And discovering sea life underwater in the crystal blue water from the lagoon.

What Exactly Is the age limit for sea walk in Andaman or any other limitations?

Anybody over Age 9 and under the age 60 can Experience a sea walk with no restrictions. People that are restricted using this task consist of:

  • Teen ladies.
  • Mature citizens over Age 60.
  • People with cardiovascular ailments.
  • People with breathing problems.
  • Furthermore, people under effective drugs or Looking for care.
  • Individuals have emotional conditions that cause distortion or anxiety underwater.

Is prior Booking required?


Note : Complete refund in the event of terrible weather. Booking is subject to the availability of tickets. Changing rooms are available at Elephant Island.